Rules and Regulations

1- Clothing and Equipment

Note: The club can choose the suitable colors for their Team.











– Helmets:

Every rider warming up or racing while at the race venue shall wear a protective, securely fastened helmet

2- General Information:

  • 1. Responsibilities:
    • Selection of equipment and clothing are solely the responsibility of the rider. The Chief Commissaire may disallow the start of any rider using equipment or clothing deemed dangerous or inadequate.
  • 2. Technical Director:
    • Either the race organizer or a person designated by Oman Cycling Association. This person is responsible for the technical aspects of the event.
  • 3. Official:
    • An individual appointed to oversee the conduct of the race and to ensure compliance with rules.
  • 4. Category:
    • Women: open category
    • Men:
    • Under 16 years: Cadet
    • Between 16 and 18 years: Junior
    • Between 19 and 40 years: Elite
    • Up 40 years: Master

3- Start of a race:

4- Rider conduct:

  • Riders are responsible for their own conduct, including arriving on time with the correct equipment.
  • No rider shall benefit from his or her misconduct.
  • No team shall benefit from its misconduct, or the misconduct of one of its members.
  • Laws and ordinances of appropriate jurisdictions shall be observed during participation in any event.

5- Teams vehicles:

  1. Only one vehicle is allowed to accompany the team.
  2. The rorder of the vehicles is decided by random draw.
  3. The accompanying vehicle can carry wheels for change and reserve bicycles.
  4. No equipment should be carried out the edges of the vehicle.
  5. Accompanying persons are not allowed to tilt their bodies or bring it out the edge of the vehicle.

6- Penality:

  • A punishment for infraction of the rules.
  • Penalties may be applied to clubs/event organizers (or their designees) , individual riders or teams. Unless otherwise specified in these rules, penalties are at the discretion of the jury president.
  • Penalties may include:
    1. Warning: may be verbal or written
    2. Relegation: loss of position in the race
    3. Time penalty: Usually only applies to time trials and stage races time added to a competitor’s time.
    4. Disqualification: elimination from all placing and prizes.
    5. Suspension: Jury president recommends suspensions for riders.

7- Defining the supply:

  1. Km 0: the actual start.
  2. Km 25: beginning of supply.
  3. Km 10 before the finish line: end of supply.

8- Arrival (finish):

The following distances in the race route should be signaled:
– Km 20 – 10 – 3 – 2 – 1 before finish line.
Also: 500m – 300m – 200m – 150m – 100m – 50m.

9- Article 9: Time control and riders raking:

  1. The time and points attained by each rider is registered to define the rank.
  2. The time of arrival is registered for the nearest 10th of a second minimally.
  3. The photo finish must be used to determine the ranking.

10- Results and Reports:

The committee of commissary formulates detailed report about the race that includes the following:

  1. Observed organization defects.
  2. Implemented penalties.
  3. The riders register.
  4. A list of riders who participated in the race.
  5. Ranking.
  6. Observations and suggestions.

11- Time Trial:

The rules in this section are exceptions to the Individual Road Race.

In all cases not specifically covered here, the Individual Road Racing Rules apply.

  • 1. Bike and equipment requirements:
    • The road bike can be used with handlebars that provide support for the forearms.
    • The specific bike for time trial can be used.
  • 2. Start order:
    • The start order may be determined by a random draw, by seeding, in order of registration or by some other scheme as designated by the race organizer in consultation with the jury president.
  • 3. Start times:
    • Each rider must know his start time at least 15 minutes before his start.
  • 4. Late riders:
    • A rider arriving late at the start will only be allowed to start if it does not interfere with a scheduled start.
  • 5. Drafting, passes:
    • No rider shall take pace behind another rider closer than 25 meters ahead or 2 meters to the side.
    • Don’t ride abreast other than when attempting to pass, such attempts shall not be maintained beyond a distance of 500 meters and if the pass is not made cleanly within 500 meters then if the passing rider has pulled ahead of the caught rider, the caught rider must drop back to a distance 25 meters behind the passing rider, or if the passing rider has not pulled ahead of the caught rider,the passing rider must drop back to a distance of 25 meters.
  • 6. Support vehicles:
    • Support vehicles, if allowed, must remain at least 20 meters behind their rider unless the rider is stopped.
  • 7. Feeding:
    • Feeding is not allowed in Time Trials.
  • 8. Team time trials:
    • Team time trials use the same rules as Individual Time Trials.
    • The number of riders on a team, and rules on which rider is timed, must be made clear in the race announcement.
  • 9. Positioning on road
    • In a time trial, riders will ride as close to the right side of the road as practical.
  • 10. Prizes
    • Prizes for the first three riders in each age category.