OCA Championship

Who can participate

Omani and residents, are allowed to participate in the
Omani Cycling Championship according to the rules of UCI.

Licence Registration

Click on here to Register a rider

  • Registration fee is RO 5, payable upon receipt of the card. In
    case of losing the licence, the rider must pay 10 OMR to get a new licence.
  • The registration for each race will be 2 OMR for all the riders who hold the
    licence which they should show at the start line.
  • Riders who are not registered and have no licence must pay 5 OMR as
    registration fee for the race.
  • The first race, which will take place on the 4th of January, will be exempted
    from the above rules and regulation. Points will be accounted in the individual ranking and the fees will be 2 OMR.
Team Registration:

Click here to register a team.

Team Registration is open for Companies, Clubs,  Establishments, Corporations,…

The team is formed of:

The coach, team manager and 4 to 8 players maximum.

Notice: Rider is not allowed to change his team in one year of his registration (1st January to 31st December).

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Individual ranking:

The Individual ranking is based on the distribution of points. Points are distributed for each age category and for each rank. Different types of races, different number of points allocated (table of points attached).

Individual Time Trial:

Each rider will get the points gained individually without taking into account the result of this race in the team ranking.

The team ranking:

The assigned points of the first three riders from the team is added at the end of each race (whatever their category), and according to the points gained by the team in precedent race.

Team Time Trial:

Participation will be with 3riders minimum and 4 maximum for each team. Points will be counted according to the result of the third rider reaches the finish line.

Championship consistes  7 races:
  • 5:one day races.
  • 1: single Individual Time Trial.
  • 1: Team Time Trial.
Age categories of championship:
  • Junior: bellow18 years age.
  • Elite: bellow 40 years age.
  • Master: above 40 years age.
  • Women: including all ages

Races dates and location:

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The points table:

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Prizes and rewards:

Certificates and medals will be given to winners for each category in all races. Money prizes it will be after the last race and concern the first three riders in general ranking for each category and the first three teams with details amount in the following table:

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Different route and itinerary of races:

1- I.T.T Al Amrat:

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2- Exhibition road:

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3- The sport complex – Bosher – Ghala – the complex:

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4- Nizwa:

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5-Qurayat (old street) – The express highway:

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6- Al amerat – Jahlout Bridge – Alamerat:

Start point

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7- PACA:

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